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7 Great Hashtags To Enhance Your Twitter Experience

For a long time hashtags have been a huge mystery for me. I would follow some for once in a while, if I was participating in a Twitter Chat. Only recently, after doing an interview with a great friend of mine who is super Twitter savvy (@MQTodd) I got fully hooked on it.

Michael rightfully said that:

“Hashtags are the glue that keep us all connected on Twitter beyond our network.” Buffer this


How do I get the most out of following a hashtag?

The way I approach hashtags is very simple. I would do a Twitter search for #Twitter for example and get an immediate overview of great articles in that space. Whilst looking over the stream I usually Buffer a few of the articles I find worth Tweeting right there from my stream.

You can see that I have started to use them in a similar way as one might uses Twitter Lists. The great part about hashtags is that you can use it to connect to new people too.


1.) #LeanStartup

This is a hat tip from Joel and frankly one of the best hashtags for the startup niche out there. If you are looking to get your own startup off the ground set up a search for #LeanStartup. It teaches you the best tips and tricks for staying lean and using the right metrics at the right times on your way.

I also suggest to follow of course @EricRies, as he is one of the most prominent promoters of the #LeanStartup hashtag and concept.

2.) #Twitter

I know, it seems way to obvious right? Yet, since I started to have one column in TweetDeck with #Twitter I was surprised how many high-quality articles I would find through it. Since it is obviously a niche I am very interested in, I have Buffered many Tweets and found lots of like-minded people from it.


3.) #ididntknowthat

A very hilarious hashtag to follow is #ididntknowthat. Gladly @sermoa pointed me towards it and I had a few good laughs and also found out a few things, which I frankly didn’t know. Here is one that I found very odd:


4.) #SM

Alongside the popular #SocialMedia hashtag, I like to monitor Twitter for #sm too, as it boasts a great amount of tips and news about all things Social Media. The great part here is that I found #sm to be a little less crowded and cluttered than #SocialMedia.


6.) #startups

If you are interested more in startup news, rather than ways to build your startup, #startups will be a great hashtag for you to follow. I am monitoring it to know about the latest cool ideas being released as Apps. It’s also a great way of staying on top of things in terms of innovation and new ideas.


7.) #Photography

A great tip I received from @arkarthick, @brasonja and @_fleur__ is the #Photography hashtag. Although I am personally not into it, I took a sneak peak and am quite blown away the fantastic shots you will find there. It makes for a great work break to check out a few of the latest and best pictures circulating on Twitter.

I found hashtags to be a particularly fun way to follow topics on Twitter, especially as it doesn’t tie me to my own network. It brings you in touch with a lot of new people that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Are there any more regular hashtags you would recommend to follow?

Photocredit: BrianMatash

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