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5 Twitter Tips To Better Interact With Your Customers

This is another post, exclusively sourced from all the amazing people, that joined us in on #ToolsChat last Wednesday, a chat, that has quickly become a core channel for us here at Buffer, to keep in touch with the amazing people supporting us.

The people are way smarter than I am anyways, so I think it is only fair to make their contributions the subject of the post.

There were lots of great answers to the question How can customers interact better with their customers? These were the 5 most retweeted and discussed.

Big thanks to @Twchat, @SociallySavvy4U @DougRidley, @JamesHicks and @Kabaim. These are their contributions.


1.) Escalate your interaction

This is a fantastic contribution from @Twchat:

listen –> tweet –> @reply –> DM –> phone –> in-person

Taking it step by step to get towards your customer is a great technique to make the most of Twitter. See Twitter as a starting point and work your way towards the customer without overwhelming him.


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2.) Participate in Twitter Chats

An obvious, but still far neglected suggestion was that businesses should participate in Twitter chats. They are a great starting point to put a personal face to a brand help to engage with your audience.

Getting started is easy, here are 5 tips from @Twylah:

5 Tips To Make The Most Of Twitter Chats

3.) Give your customers a reason to talk to you.

This was a fantastic tip yesterday from @dougridley. Make it easy for your customers to start talking to you. Ask questions, produce interesting content, try promotions and digital events. All these are a far better topic for conversation than talking about your own product all the time.


4.) Monitor what is being said and engage

This was brought up by @Kabaim. You can do so with a great tool called Twilert or by using the new Twitter search. Whenever your brand is mentioned, jump in and kick off a conversations. It can make a huge difference and brought us many loyal users for Buffer for example.

Setting aside a bit of time to responding to your customers, directly feeds into higher engagement and revenues.


5.) Become an expert in your niche through Hashtags and Lists

By making getting savvy in how to use hahstags and Twitter lists can greatly facilitate using Twitter. Most importantly it can help you focus on the kind of audience that is relevant to your business.

Hashtags are another way to get savvy in a certain field quickly. If you are looking for a few hashtags to start out with, you can find them here. Big thanks to @JamesHicks for this contribution.


This is the 2 part of all answers from #ToolsChat, happening every Wednesday at 10pm EST. There is more to come for sure.

If you want to see the whole transcript, you can find it here. Oh and if you would like to make your Tweeting more efficient, try out Buffer for free.


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