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5 Twitter Powered News Apps To Reduce Clutter

Recently I have seen a fantastic amount of great new Apps, which are all going in a completely new direction. One I think is very useful. They take your Twitter and Facebook stream and order your news in a social savvy way – clutterfree!

Here are my 5 picks for you and I hope the way they aggregate news is equally helpful for you as it is for me.


1# StrawberryJam – Only the best news in your stream

I have to say, with and me it was love at first sight both because of its design and functionality. It shows you all news of your Twitter stream ordered by most mentioned. So it will literally take you a few seconds to see what’s hot and most discussed. You can currently signup for invites.

Best Bit: You can not only order your own stream by most mentioned. You can do the same with lists, #tags or simple searches. Pure awesomeness.

Update: StrawberryJam is no longer functional 🙁


2# Summify – The top 5 stories from your day

An equally interesting direction has been taken up by Summify. The App takes eliminating clutter even more serious. All they give you is a the 5 best news stories of the day. That’s it. Just 5. Based on what your friends liked and tweeted you will receive these top news.

Best Bit: You can change the frequency of updates, as well as the amount of news stories, which really helps to keep it minimal and easy to overlook.


Give it a go here: Summify


3# Refynr – A social savvy stream based on keywords

Refynr’s approach is another straight forward solution for you. You can create a social savvy filter of keywords you want to have included in your “refined” stream such as “Social Media”, “Twitter” and “startups” in my case.

Best Bit: Refynr ease of use on a mobile is a big plus. I also hope the recent integration of Buffer into Refynr makes sharing news certainly easier I believe.


Give it a go here: Refynr


4# XYDO – Curated news based on your network

XYDO is another very powerful network I started to use after a few of our users mentioned it. It automatically pulls in data from your social networks and creates a stream of curated content you can upvote or downvote. It is also great that you can browse news by topic and interests.

Best Bit: What I like about XYDO is the daily brief email which gives me a very focused update on great news shared in my network


Give it a go here: XYDO


5# TwazzUp – Your Twitter Stream Enriched

TwazzUp is less filled with slick technological algorithms, yet boasts a very nice functionality of showing links. You receive a preview of the links similar to links posted to Facebook. This gives you a chance to know a little more about the content before clicking through to read it.

Best Bit: A nice little functionality the App offers you, is the chance to translate what you are reading.

Give it a go here: TwazzUp


I have to say, I really like this new breed of tools coming our way here. They make for a far more efficient news reading experience.

Do you like any of these? Or do you know other similar tools I missed here?


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