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5 Tips to Increase your Twitter Exposure

In order to get Buffer off the ground, Twitter was one of the most important channels we used.

And this was not only in terms of traffic. A lot of it came down meeting amazing new people and having insightful conversations with people I wouldn’t otherwise have reached. Another factor was to receive feedback and provide support in a way that couldn’t be any faster

So here is a list of 5 quick tips, which helped me a great deal to make the most of Twitter.


1.) Notice others

The first and foremost lesson I learnt is that Twitter is not about me, it is about you. If you want to really get noticed more on Twitter and increase your exposure I found that the most powerful thing to do is to notice others more.

If you appreciate other people’s works, retweet carefully and give your thoughts to what they are doing it will help you a great deal to get them interested in what you are up to.


2.) Make it easy for people to follow you

Although this seems very obvious there is so much potential I missed when starting out. In short: put your Twitter handle everywhere you possibly can.

For me this meant putting it into my email signature and making a bright and easy to find button on my blog. Put a link from your Facebook page and add it to your LinkedIn details. No matter where you find a suitable spot, put your Twitter handle there.


3.) Optimise your tweeting patterns

Of course it is totally understood that you can’t spend hours and hours on Twitter each day to increase your exposure.

Instead there are a few techniques you can use to optimize your time on Twitter. The most obvious one is to start using a decent Twitter client such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, which gives you a better overview and immediately saves you time.

Additionally scheduling some of your tweets is very useful. Write a set of great tweets at one point in time and then schedule them to go out throughout the day.


4.) Participate in Twitterchats

To be honest, I wasn’t quite convinced about Twitterchats at the beginning. Yet after participating in a few sessions, I got totally sucked in and it has paid off greatly for me. Yet I am now not getting tired of writing about it.

In case you want to try it out too, here is the best list of Twitterchats available, with over 200 different chats you can participate in. They are well categorized so you can find the right topics relevant for you.

Check it out here



5.) List yourself on directories

Since it is oftentimes hard for others to find the right people on Twitter a few very handy directories have emerged, which are well worth checking out for finding people worthy to follow. And of course others can easily find you too.

I particularly enjoy WeFollow as it gives me a really good overview. If want to get more exposure I also suggest you take a look at Twellow and Listorious.


These are some quick Tips that I love to make use of every day. I hope they are helpful for you.

Are you using some techniques to get more Twitter exposure which are not mentioned here? Let’s discuss them below.


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