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5 Tips To Get What You Want From Twitter

Twitter is awesome. It is great fun to connect with people and jump into conversations without the hassle of long introductions.

But what about your goals? Does Twitter really help you to grow your business, network or even yourself as a person?

On #Toolschat, a weekly Twitterchat we are running here at Buffer, a ton of great answers were given to these questions. Here are the top 5 for you:


1.) Connect with people you couldn’t otherwise reach

A great contribution came from @CindyFSolomon, @Natasha_D_G and @twchat. To get what you want from Twitter, use it to connect with people you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. An example is to stick to your niche and find likeminds working in the same space.

Connecting to an international community of product managers as in Cindy’s case not only widens your horizon, but also can proof very important when looking for jobs.


2.) Have a clear goal worded out in front of you

This seems very obvious, but @TaraMarkus emphasized it very distinctly. To know where you are going, you need to have a clear goal that you set yourself. It helps greatly to work towards it, if you have it spelled out clearly on a piece of paper for example. Every day, you will be reminded and can double check, whether your efforts on Twitter are bringing you closer to this goal.


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In my example, I am trying to find more people Buffer can help with their Tweeting efforts and make them happy. This is a quite old picture of when I got started work with Buffer:


3.) Reach goals by helping others

Although having your own goals clearly worded out helps greatly, there are many paths to reach them. @Twchat touched upon this and I couldn’t agree more. What is true for life, is even more true for Twitter I believe. In other words

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

Actively find people you can help. Then help them. If would like to see, whether this really works, take a look at @TweetSmarter, who developed and internalized this mantra better than anyone I know.


4.) Having fun gives you the highest return

Two Twitter titans I highly respect, @Twylah and @LovelyLu, said that above all things, you need to see Twitter as a fun place to be. At the end of the day, it is just a platform that connects people. Better than any platform did before in my view.

Choose your topics of interest and simply start chatting away with people in similar fields. Here are a few pointers to get started with the right people. Or simply jump into a Twitter chat to get all the fun and connect with people.


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By Buffering Tweets, they are posted at optimal times giving you 2x more exposure.


5.) Find your next job through Twitter

It was fantastic to see @CedarBrown mentioning that you can use Twitter to simply find a job. Antonia Harler, now a Social Media consultant, explained in detail how to do this. The end result:

“A month later Adam contacted me on Twitter to offer me a job I really wanted.” – @AntoniaHarler

Of course, this comes with putting effort into Twitter too. Antonia explains it further here. Yet, turning the fun place Twitter is also into a place to find a job, leaves me stunned of what can be achieved.


These are some fantastic ways to really get what you want out of Twitter I believe. Big thanks to the #ToolsChat community for these fantastic answers.

Do you think these tips could help you too to get more out of Twitter?


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