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5 Simple Reasons Twitter Is An Amazing Place To Be

With Google launching its own Social Network, I started to think, which value each of the other existing ones are bringing me actually. It triggered me to think a little less strategically about Twitter. Simply pondering about why I love being here.

Amongst the many things that amaze me about Twitter, here are 5 of my favourite points that keep me coming back. They have little to do with business intent, but much rather about the nature of the interactions I find to have here with others.


1.) What happens now is what counts

What I love about Twitter is that it emphasizes what is happening right now. It helps us to move away from the ever worried thinking about what will happen tomorrow or the week after that. Right now, what you are sharing with your followers is what matters.


2.) We are connected no matter where we are

Although lots of different online systems existed before, Twitter takes our interconnectedness to a whole new level I feel. It doesn’t matter where we live and it doesn’t matter where we go. At every point in time, we are able to stay in touch on Twitter. That’s amazing.

Finding joy in the simple fact that the whole world can communicate with each other, might best be expressed by what @MQTodd once told me. In one example he read a post here on the Buffer blog and said that he was blown away by one fact: He researched the people retweeting it and found that they were coming from over 50 countries. For that fact alone, he lovesbeing on Twitter.


3.) We are kept curious – “No experts here”

[blackbirdpie url=”!/MackCollier/status/87689349692522496″]

How easy is it to think that we know what we are doing? Without even realizing it, it can easily happen that we unconsciously see ourselves as experts. At least this is what happened to me. When I read Mack’s tweet it was a great reminder that we shouldn’t.

Making it our top goal to stay curious, being always on the lookout to learn and grow is definitely something promoted through Twitter. On Twitter, there are no titles or ranks, everyone enters a level playing field, that stays a level playing field.


4.) There are no boundaries

Twitter’s openness and the fact that you can reach out to whomever you want is another reason that brings us a little more happiness.   You can find people interested in the same topics and start chatting to them right away.

The informality of the 140 character limit lets us cut through small talk and jump right into talking about the things that interest us. Just like that, with one click, you are connected with everyone you ever could imagine.


5.) The help and gratitude found is incredible

I am making a bold statement, that Twitter must be the place in the world where the most help and gratitude is given. Now of course, I don’t know this. Yet, when I think back to at how many countless times Twitter helped in natural disasters it may well be true.

Simply thinking about my own experience, I am amazed by how the amount of friendliness shown towards me. I try my best to give it back and spread the word about Twitter as an amazing place to be.

What do you think of Twitter without thinking about an immediate business interest? Are there things that come to mind, that amaze you in the same way as me? I would love to hear your thoughts


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