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4 Most Interesting And Unexpected Ways To Use Buffer

Yes, those kids on the righthand side, that is actually how I looked like when I heard about these things. In recent weeks I was purely stunned by the ways people got in touch, telling us how they used Buffer. They mentioned ways to use Buffer that Joel and I could have never imagined when building the product.

The idea of Buffer has always been to help you and anyone else do well on Twitter. It shouldn’t matter whether you are a newbie or established user. Buffer should help anyone get better results from Twitter, whilst saving you time at the same time.

So here are hands down the most interesting and unbelievable ways that I came across how people are using Buffer:

How To Use Buffer To Send Assignments For Students

Krista Heebsh (@tgspanish), a High School teacher in Minnesota got in touch recently with a truly amazing use case of Buffer. She is using Buffer to Tweet daily  homework assignments for her students. Buffer is her new whiteboard. In her own words:

“Buffer and Twitter are very easy to use. I load up my Tweet buffer on Sunday night with the assignments for the week and then forget about it. I love that when the buffer is empty, I get a message from you that reminds me to add more tweets. Instead of spending time writing all the assignments for the week on a whiteboard somewhere, I spend less time getting the message out to students – and in a way that they can use.”

How To Use Buffer To Tweet From China Where Twitter Is Closed

Andy Yeo, @Yeoa recently travelled to China. With China having the great firewall in place, a lot of the most popular services are not accessible, including Twitter, Facebook and Google. Well, they nearly aren’t accessible. Fortunately, Buffer isn’t blocked in China.

Yeoa went ahead and was able to continue sending Tweets through Buffer. As Twitter’s API was connected beforehand his Tweeting was never detected by the Great Firewall. I believe this is a great example that the internet boundaries are endless in a way and putting a cap on it is nearly impossible. Oh and next time you are in a country where Twitter is blocked, remember Buffer will always be there for you.


How To Use Buffer For A Better Way To @Reply On Twitter

Dave Larson, alias @TweetSmarter is one of the top 3 most influential Twitter users out there. And he found a stunning use case for Buffer. Because many people are leaving his Twitter account open on a separate tab, they are expecting the best Twitter and Social Media tips to come in all day.

Dave’s goal is to help as many people as he can on Twitter, so it often happens that there pop up a lot of @Replies in a row, which is difficult for those that are using him as a newsfeed. By spreading out @Replies with Buffer, they flood his readers less and makes his Tweets easier to read.


How To Use Buffer To Build An Entirely New Traffic Channel

Cliff Ravenscraft, who is well known for his amazing podcast show Social Media Serenity shared another very unique and powerful use case with me. Cliff explained to me in his podcast, that through Buffer, he could setup and promote and entirely new podcast for himself, called @HungerGamesPod.

With the help of Buffer he shared that he could Tweet relevant and interesting content without spending all day on Twitter. In fact he would spend a few minutes each morning to fill up his Buffer and let us do the rest taking care of his Tweeting. You can listen to his explanation here.


How Do You Use Buffer?

Of course I am sure that there is plenty of other great use cases out there how you might handle Buffer. A few other great use cases we have come across so far are the following:

  • Using Buffer to create a daily pattern of regular and consistent Tweets
  • Use Buffer to spread out Retweets directly from to engage more with followers
  • Reading articles and adding them to your Buffer so you don’t flood your stream
  • Using Buffer to get started with Twitter and Tweet regularly more easily

Whichever way you might use Buffer, I hope it has helped you to get more out of Twitter and soon other Social Networks.

Personally, a lot of these use cases were way beyond my imagination. The way I am using Buffer is mostly in line with this great post by Lane Vance. So all that is left for me to say is: How do you use Buffer?


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