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5 Free Twitter Tools To Make You More Efficient

This is a guestpost by Nikki Peters, MarketMeSuite Community Support. More about Nikki at the bottom of the post.

When it comes to a successful twitter campaign, the key is to make sure fans and followers aren’t just reading, but engaging in what you have to say. Often, engagement is thought of as being pro-active, but it’s equally as important to use tools that help organize and disseminate information to give you the best chance of getting a good response.

Here are 5 Free Twitter tools to help you engage and make your work more efficient.


1- MarketMeSuite – The Dashboard

MarketMeSuite is the free dashboard which helps you manage your brand across multiple platforms and accounts. It created a revolutionary Twitter tool for searches and following technique with its very own “Reply Campaigns” feature which allow you to find users in your niche and start conversations, and it’s completely user controlled to maintain the highest quality!

With other features such as RSS Feeds and scheduling ability, you will never miss a moment and can tweet around the clock with all your important content reaching your audience. It also offers great business opportunities with other features such as Dotted Tweets so you can assign tweets to people and colleagues as well as its “Users” feature so you can get your whole team to download MarketMeSuite on their own computers and set Users and Permissions with no limits.


2-Buffer– The Smart Publisher

Buffer is a fantastic tool which really helps you share relevant, interesting and important content around the clock! As Chrome, Safari or Firefox plugin enables you to share high quality content to your feed using special and unique algorithms. It’s a simple but clever idea and that’s why it works so well! Where it differs from a basic “hootlet” is that it picks the best time for your tweets to go out.

For the busy tweeter, it’s a great way to disseminate information. You want to make sure you have a steady stream of information going out to your followers. They recently released a study which indicated that the part of the reason of success with Buffer is the ease of being able to post. It is important you are constantly on the look out for interesting information for your audience.

3- UberSocial and Twidroyd- The Phone Apps

What would you do if you couldn’t tweet whenever, wherever you liked?! UberSocial allows you to download Twitter for any of the big smart phone brands including BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, meaning you can tweet on the go all day every day! With its customised options and super easy to use features, its one of the best phone apps for Twitter available.


4- Twylah– The Customised App

This is a great tool for those who wish to customise their tweets and pages. They help you promote your business and brand using their clever marketing strategies. They help you organise your tweets into topics and help you gain a healthy following based on your niche. With inbuilt SEO features (Search Engine Optimisation) you can watch as your brand grows via Twitter as it targets your key business words and phrases!


5- Refynr – A smarter way to read Tweets

Twitter timelines can be cluttered and sometimes waste time as you have to trawl through streams and streams to find what you were looking for. Refynr allows you to select the posts and feeds you wish to locate easily by storing them all in one place away from any background noise and clutter! It allows you to control all the feeds in your streams, follow/unfollow, DM and Re Tweet all from one place where all the articles you love most are. This is a great tool which makes your Twitter feed life easy and simple, what else could you want?!

Key Take away:

Give your message the best chance of being heard. Organize your tweets, keep connected on the go and use tools to help your message hit at just the right time and you will have the makings of a successful Twitter engagement campaign.

Do you think some of these Tools can help you engage more on Twitter too?


About the author:


Nikki Peter is the MarketMeSuite Community Support Manager. You can follow here on Twitter @Nikki__Peters and say hi anytime.

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