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3 Quick Steps To Install The Buffer Button With Your Sharebar

Only last week Joel has pushed the Buffer Button as a wordpress plugin live. Since a few users have had issues with simply installing the plugin, I wanted to give you a sure fire way of how to make it work without any troubles.

Sharebar is a great plugin and very similar to DiggDigg. It allows you to display all your favourite social sharing options in a super simple way.

1.) Install Sharebar

Simply search your plugins for the plugin “sharebar” and install it. After activation, you will have a nice looking set of sharing options for all your favourite social networks in your sidebar:


2.) Add a new Button

On your WordPress dashboard you can access the plugin via “settings”. After this, simply click “add new Button”.



3.) Add the Buffer Button

Even if you don’t know any code it is super simple. All you do is copy and paste. Put in “Buffer” for name and “1” for position (or any other position you prefer) and tick “enabled”.

Copy and past the code below into the fields:

So it should now look like this:


After this, click “update” and voila, the Buffer Button sits nicely in your sharebar with all the other plugins.



I have recently been testing both DiggDigg and Sharebar and found that Sharebar offers adding buttons in a super intuitive manner, which isn’t yet available with DiggDigg.

I hope this was useful and you can give it a go via your ShareBar plugin. Please let me know any questions you have about it.

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