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3 Quick Networking Tips from @Dino_Dogan

If you ever get a chance to take a look at the front page of Triberr, a new Twitter App to build your tribes, you will be amazed what Dino did there.

In the space of a few months, Dino brought together every person that could possibly be influential on Twitter in one spot on Triberr. This fact alone is probably proof enough that this guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to connecting and networking with people.

The brief story

Dino’s blog was the very first destination online for me to start my Social Media efforts. He taught me what it means to engage with readers and how to follow up and create lasting relationships.

Last but not least, it was Dino who introduced me to Social Media Examiner for my guestblogging efforts. Something that opened unknown doors for me you can imagine.

I tried to point out 3 key lessons that he taught me.


1.) Be personal – always stay your genuine self

If you ever see Dino commenting, blogging or guestblogging anywhere over the web you will realise something. No matter how big the blog is he is commenting on, Dino’s comment always gets a response from the blog owner.

And for a simple reason I believe. Dino’s comments are rarely the usual. They go deep into relating to the content and to his own understanding of the article. You can imagine that this resonates with any blog owner.

In short: Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Comment because you have something to say and it will pay off greatly.


2.) Be everywhere – Are you putting the right amount of effort in?

Another thing you have probably realized is that you can’t go anywhere without Dino already being there commenting, before you even read the headline of the article.

Apart from the magic tricks he is using, which we humans don’t know about, the effort he puts in into making his voice heard is admirable. Do your research on who is influential in your field and start commenting, contributing guestposts and retweeting to create a lasting relationship with many different people.

In short: Contributing genuine comments and posts doesn’t help unless you scale it to many places all over the web.


3.) Be awesome – Your content has to rock

Last, but not least I want to mention the interplay between relationships and great content Dino bridges perfectly well. Even your best friend might stop reading your posts and contributions if your content sucks.

A skill Dino mastered is to say a lot in a few words. It happened a few times that Dino’s comment created more discussion on a blogpost then the post:

Also, what Dino mentioned a few times is that in order to achieve quality you need to produce a high quantity.

In short: Focus on writing high quality content by writing lots – often. It’s your route to mastering quality.


Doing these things and following Dino’s steps helped me a great deal. I hope some of these things are useful for you too. Do you have other tips to reach out to people that aren’t mentioned here? Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic below.



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