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3 Brandnew Ways To Use Buffer

Many of you are getting in touch with us day in, day out, suggesting some wonderful features. This is awesome. Today, we are happy to announce 3 new and powerful ways to use Buffer.

Above everything else we want to give you a new and more intelligent way to share content on Social Media. We are focused on making Buffering Tweets and soon Facebook updates to reach more people as easy as possible.

We have integrated with a few other powerful tools out there to make Buffering even easier, no matter where you are reading news.


1.) Buffer with Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a fantastic way to have all your social sharing buttons in one service. You can post Tweets, share on Facebook, LinkedIn and much more. The best part? You can do it right from your browser.

And the very best part? Yes, you can now Buffer Tweets right from inside Shareaholic too. Simply get a Shareaholic account. Then head over to the service directory and click to add your own Buffer button.

Now, whenever you are reading an article that is worth sharing, give it a click on the Buffer icon and add the Tweet to your Buffer:


Top Tip: What I like best about Shareaholic is that you can link it up with smart keyboard shortcuts and that the platform has built native sharing functions, which makes the experience frictionless. Give it a go here: Shareaholic


2.) Buffer with RSSOwl

RSSOwl is an amazing RSS reader for your Mac or Windows. It is a desktop App that allows you to pull in your various RSS feeds very easily. You can sync it with your Google Reader or simply collect normal RSS feeds.

You can also share everything from RSSOwl via Buffer. Simply click the “share” button and then hit “Buffer”. It will open the Buffer box for you and you can have another great Tweet scheduled for your followers:


Top Tip: The best part about RSSOwl is that you can tell the App which things you want to read about and it pulls in articles, feeds and even Tweets based on your keywords. Cool right? Give it a go here: RSSOwl


3.) Keyboard Shortcut for Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Lastly, we have now finished creating keyboard shortcuts for all our browser extensions. With just a combination of a few buttons on your keyboard, you can bring up the Buffer box and add your Tweets. I found that this really is the most timesaving way to add Tweets:

  • Keyboard shortcut for Chrome: Alt + b
  • Keyboard shortcut for Safari: Alt + b
  • Keyboard shortcut for Firefox: Ctrl + Alt + b

Have you tried them yet? I believe it makes my workflow even more efficient. 🙂

Top Tip: The best part about the browser extensions is that you can highlight any line of text and then perform the keyboard shortcut. It will take your quote and turn it into Tweet Give it a go here: Buffer Browser Extensions


Ok, I hope you like these additions. Which other App integrations and features would you like to see in the future? Let us know below.

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