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10 Top Twitter Tip Blogs I Love Reading

With the Buffer blog it is our goal to provide you with the best Twitter Tips and Tools insights we can find from across the web.

So I thought that today instead of writing a tip post I would just tell you about the amazing places I take inspiration from and love reading Twitter Tips on.


1# TheNickyBlog

Even though only recently discovered, Nicky’s blog is a fantastic resource on all actionable Twitter Tips and helpful tools you can use.

I particularly enjoyed her recent interview with Twitter influencer @2morrowknight.

Great recent posts include: 8 Things Twitter Can Teach You About Life and 4 Best Chrome Extensions To Mute Any Tweeter. I hope Nicky continues writing awesome Twitter Tips.


2# TwitterToolsBook

Another recent discovery of mine is Garin’s blog. His blog boasts a great mix of Twitter tool reviews and Twitter marketing tips. All very easily digestible.

I particularly liked the offering of his free Twitter course you can get, which gives you 1 lesson on Twitter each day.

Posts I enjoyed reading recently are 15 Tactics For Going Viral on Twitter and 8 Ways To Build A Powerful Twitter Network.



3# TweetSmarter blog

This is possibly one of the best Twitter Tip blogs out there. Straight from the pen of Dave, alias @TweetSmarter.

A post that left me stunned recently was Why we link to other bloggers instead of writing ourselves. It is an attitude well worth taking up and you are right to believe that this post was inspired from it.

Great recent posts I highly recommend reading are: 10 Simple Guidelines to Doing Well On Twitter and Why Are So Many People So Helpful On Twitter?

Update: This blog is no longer available.


4# OneForty Blog

The blog maintained by the OneForty team focuses on Social Media marketing tips with a healthy amount written about Twitter.

@JanetAronica’s recent post 5 Fresh Tips for Keeping Up With Social Media News was an eye-opener for me.

Fantastic posts I enjoyed reading were 5 Reasons Why Twitter Is Not a Fad and 7 Tips For Getting Your Small Business Started On Twitter.



5# Twitip

Twitip was my all time favourite for a long time, but is unfortunately no longer kept up to date as frequently as it used to be in the past.

Yet still, it boasts some great resources about all things Twitter for both pros and beginners.

Posts I think are well worth reading are 5 Ways To Use Twitter to Become a Happier Person and Writing Killer Content in 140 Characters Or Less.



6# Twitterati

Mark Evans blog is a great read as it is slightly more critical and reflective than the ones mentioned. So if you are up for some thoughts on the future and happenings of Twitter, take a look.

A short and sweet post was his recent Twitter’s Buy vs. Build Approach.

Other fabulous insights were What Will Twitter Do With Tweetdeck? And Is Twitter’s Business Model the Firehose?

Update: This blog is no longer available 🙁



7# Tweepi Blog

The team behind the great Twitter Tool Tweepi is also maintaining a fabulous Twitter Tip blog, I recommend anyone looking for actionable tips.

A few posts I found very helpful recently are Top 10 Things That Make Twitter A Treat and 10 Types Of Twitter Users: Which Type Are you?



8# AllTwitter

AllTwitter is a fantastic news source that documents all latest happenings going on about Twitter. In addition it boasts lots of Twitter Tips too.

What is definitely very funny is a healthy share of celebrity Twitter news for you.

Interesting posts include The 5 Stages Of Getting Twitter and The History Of Advertising On Twitter.



9# JeffBullas

Even though Jeff’s blog is strictly speaking a general Social Media blog, I found that the Twitter Tips he is sharing to stand out from many other sites.

His sharings on Facebook Marketing are equally helpful I found.

Some great past posts are 50 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks (10 are for Twitter) and What is Your Twitter Reputation?



10# Tweasier Blog

Finally the blog of Twitter Tool Tweasier is a very helpful one I found. It boasts a combination of reflective posts as well as actionable tips

Update: This blog is no longer up and running and redirects to Chris Norton’s site.



Ok guys, these are my favourite blogs I frequent to get my daily dose of Twitter Tips. Are there any I have missed? Let me know where you go to read great Twitter tips.

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