Oh, how the week’s gone! Usually collaborating remotely, this week the entire team’s been gathered in New York to work together, plan for the future as well as to do a bit of team bonding. It’s been a productive week for sure, with the future is looking brighter than ever. We’d love to share some of what we’ve got in the works with you now.

All new this week

  • An all new easy-on-the-eyes Sidebar: These past few weeks we’ve heard quite a few (excellent) requests for less brightness. We’ve inverted the lefthand sidebar and it’s now much easier on the eyes. What a huge difference it makes!

  • Slimmer, cleaner inbox navigation: To date, we’ve shown a ton of information on each tweet in your inbox causing the navigation to be cluttered and a bit hard on the eyes — not to mention overwhelming in a fuller inbox. We’ve removed the avatar, slimmed down the column, and reduced the font size to bring the focus on what matters: the conversation at hand!

  • We’ve sunset our Free Plan: Last week we announced that we’d be removing our Free Plan. This week we made that adjustment. We’ve now paused all Free Account data collection and have a new popup in Buffer Reply for any users logging in to contact us. Were you on the Free Plan and in need of upgrading? Give us a shout — we’re standing by to help!


  • A slimmer header, more space: We’ve removed the top navigation bar, moving all the options previously lower in the interface. It saves a ton of space and helps bring the focus on the conversation at hand.

  • Better sorting for all: The changes we made to your conversation sorting in high-volume mode are now across the board, whether you’re experiencing high volume or not. Now sorting is no longer based on the time of the last Tweet in a conversation but instead sorted by the first unanswered Tweet. This change ensures follow-up tweets or side conversations don’t affect a conversations order in your inbox.

In the works for the week ahead

  • An all new conversation view: We’ve been mentioning a new conversation view for a few weeks now, and it seems we’re finally on the right track. We’ve got some big changes in store for it, from a brand-new backend, the removal of separate conversations for each customer,

And that just about sums up our week here at Buffer!