Friday already; we can’t believe another week’s gone by! With an all new Custom Signature field, a whole lot of bug fixes, and a continued focus on stability, this week’s been a busy one, and we’re so excited to share what we’ve been up to this week at Buffer!

All new this week

  • Custom Signatures: Long name eating into your 140 characters? We’ve now implemented a setting in your user preferences so you can set a custom signature for your tweets. Now, for example, instead of signing off -Jacqueline on each of your tweets, you can save those characters and reply with just -J. Use this extra space for extra details, or maybe just emojis 💃 — the possibilities are endless! Enhancements

  • ‘Me’ shows just your conversations by default: Before, the ‘Me’ tab was showing conversations assigned to anyone — yikes! Now, we’ve made it so the tab shows only conversations assigned to you by default. Of course, you can also adjust this anytime to show conversations assigned to other team members.

  • Like/Unlike in real-time: We’ve made some updates to the ‘Like’ button, so it’s now a heck of a lot more reactive. This way, when you like something you know it right away, as it always should’ve been. No wait required!

  • Double-reply Prevention improvements: We were seeing some hiccups where the double-reply message that shows when a team member is replying to a tweet you’re on wouldn’t show. We’ve made some backend changes to make this a lot smarter so it’ll show every time. Sorry for any troubles with this!

  • Speed, speed, speed: This week we’ve been having a few occurrences where our servers got overloaded making the experience sluggish. Our engineers have been diving into the code to ensure this doesn’t happen, and we’ve made some significant changes on the backend to speed things up, even under high-load events. Please do let us know if you ever spot anything slow at all — speed is a priority for us 🏇


  • ‘Follows You’ feature has been paused: We’ve temporarily pulled the feature that shows if I contact follows you due to the function causing a dramatic slowdown. We’re working to rebuild this feature to be a lot more stable, so performance isn’t affected. So sorry for pulling this — we hope to have it back ASAP!

In the works for the week ahead

  • Speed and Stability: These past few weeks we’ve been seeing some performance issues plaguing our users. We’ve made this a top priority and are digging into the code to speed things up in every way we can. On top of that, we’re making constant changes to the backend to make things more stable so you can trust Buffer Reply to be good to rock for you 🚀

  • Better, faster, stronger more stable Conversations 2.0: Next week we’re planning to begin development on the all new Conversation view in Buffer Reply. With a speedy new backend and a tip-top new look, we’re hoping to make it smoother than ever to chat with your customers and fans on Twitter. Oh, and there might even be some emoji support!

And that about sums up our week here at Buffer! We really appreciate y’all hanging in there with us this week through some of the hiccups and hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead 😊