Filters. Filters. Filters. These past five days our team’s been heads-down focused on a new Filtering system, codenamed Operation Power Sift 2.0. We’re thrilled how far it’s come this week and are so excited to have it nearly ready for you — we’d love to share a bit more about it 😊

Simplified interface

We’ve removed the slide-out sidebar for filtering, replacing it with a clean, colorful filter toggle allowing you to quickly and easily narrow down conversations to see just the ones you’re looking for.


Unified Inbox

Rather than having a tab on the lefthand side for your closed conversations, forcing you to switch back and forth between your Inbox and Archive, you’ll now be able to view both opened and closed conversations, as well as sent messages right in your inbox. We’re hoping this unified, snappier view will make it a heck of a lot easier to take your inbox to zero! 💁


Sent view

There’ve been a bunch of requests for an easy way to see outgoing messages — what an amazing idea! We’ve created a new Sent tab in the Inbox so you can do just that! You’ll now be able to quickly track down conversations you’ve sent messages in right from your Inbox.

Alongside it is an option to filter down by the sender, so you can see messages sent just from you, for example, or a teammate. For team leads, this can be a great, easy way to view and monitor 👀 a team member’s outbound conversations

Expect it soon

Progress on Operation Power Sift 2.0 this week has been really strong, and we’re gearing up to have it live next week! There’s just a bit of internal testing left to go for us, as we polish it up and ensure things’ve working seamlessly! From there, it’ll be live for all of you 🎉

Questions, comments, ideas?

We’re learning daily from all of you and can’t say how much we’ve appreciated all the feedback, ideas and questions each week. Have an idea for us around the new Filtering, or something else? We’d love to hear it over at @GetRespond on Twitter — we’ll be replying from Buffer!