Happy Friday, friends! It’s been one awesome week here working on Buffer Reply and we’re so excited to fill you in on what we’ve been up to these past few days and more importantly, where we’re headed with a few not-so-secret codenamed projects in the works 😃

All new this week


  • Trial search limit added: Funny story! Previously we had no search limit on our trial and we quickly surpassed our monthly 5 million search result cap due to it. Turns out searches for honeymoon, apple, and a few others were quickly pulling in a whole lot of tweets. Now each trial has a soft limit of 500 results 😃
  • Email notifications now enabled by default: Users were spotting that our email notifications for new Twitter Mentions, Search Results and DMs were disabled by default. We’ve switched this up to have notifications enabled by default for new users, We’re hoping this’ll keep users in-the-know with their Twitter activity as well as offer a boost in user engagement.
  • Improvements for smaller screens: On smaller screens the online user avatars in the lower left were overlapping quite a bit. We’ve made some adjustments and voila, no more overlap 🎉

In the works for the week ahead

  • Operation Power Sift 2.0: Over the past few weeks our team has been working hard behind the scenes on reworking Filters to be snappier, cleaner and a whole lot more integrated. We call it Operation Power Sift 2.0, because all awesome projects need a code name 😉 It’s due out in the next few weeks! New Filters
  • Better Conversations 2.0: In addition to updates to filtering, our main conversation view is something we’re keen to improve. With a big focus on context and speed, we hope to really be able to make some big strides with this. Oh, and you can find a peak at what this might look like over here! Again, we couldn’t quite help ourselves with the codenames 😃 We’ll keep you posted as we move on this!

And that just about sums up our week here! We’ve been having an absolute blast crafting Buffer Reply for you, and really can’t wait to continue making it the most incredible, kick-ass Twitter Support tool for you 🙌

Over to you

We’d love your help with Operation Power Sift 2.0 (see above) and have a question for you:

If you could wave a magic wand, how would filtering work for you?

We’d love to hear what you think over on Twitter @GetRespond — We’ll (of course) be replying from Buffer!

Have an awesome weekend, friends!