Happy Friday! With another awesome week behind us, it’s time for this week’s Product Update. Over the past few days we’ve really doubled-down our focus on usability, bug fixes, and speed (one we’ve been working on weekly now). Let’s dive into some of the highlights!

All new this week

  • Settings Menu: We’ve added a new Settings button to the navigation (like this) to make it a whole lot easier to track down.
  • Account Switching: For those users who have access to more than one Respond account, we’ve got a new, easy way to switch between accounts ready to rock for you. Just tap your profile icon in the upper right!
  • Unarchive is back: We now shows the 3 most recently archived posts in your Inbox so you can quickly get back to them in case of an accidental archive. Thanks so much, friends, for requesting this one!



  • Assign Improvements: Unassigning wasn’t too easy of a process before. Now, we’ve added an Unassign button (check it out) to make it easy.
  • Clearer Homepage: We’ve made some copy tweaks to the homepage to make what Buffer Reply does a bit clearer for new visitors!

In the works for the week ahead

  • Conversation View v2: An ongoing focus for us has been to completely rework the conversation and tweet view. This is something that’ll take us a few more weeks to come boosting your speed and productivity.

New View

One idea we’re working with for conversation view — We’d love your thoughts!

And that just about sums up our week here at Buffer!

Have an idea, question, or just want to say hi? We’d love to hear from you @GetRespond on Twitter — we’ll be replying from Buffer!