It’s Friday, which means it’s time to get you all filled in on what we’ve been up to this week with Buffer Reply — It’s sure been a busy one! Coming in close to last week, this week we pushed a total of 993 lines of code (removed 117) and closed 24 issues (opening 34). Let’s dig into some of the highlights!

All new this week

  • Assign gets Search: We’ve added a search bar to the Assign feature (currently on our Pro Plan) so you can quickly assign a Team Member (or yourself) a conversation.

teammate assignment search

  • Non-Profit Discount: We’re now offering 50% off any of our plans for non-profits. Check out all the details!


  • Trial Extensions: We’ve added a new feature to our admin that allows us to restart a user’s trial. Great for those times folks don’t quite have enough time! (Finding yourself needing more trial time? Let us know!)


  • DMs to Slack: Last week when we added the option to ‘View in Twitter’ to our Slack notifications, we inadvertently stopped Direct Messages from coming through to Slack (yikes!). We’ve pushed out a fix and now, DMs should be coming through loud and clear to you in Slack!

  • Docs going smooth: Our Knowledge Base was having some issues loading these past few days. We’ve gotten things going with our SSL (yippee!) and now should be loading a-ok!

In the works for the week ahead

  • Conversation View: Currently the conversation view could be a lot clearer. From the reason a Tweet is in your inbox, to the way it’s displayed, to the speed at which it loads — we’re hoping to make some huge improvements over the next week(s)!

  • Unarchive Flow: After incredible feedback from all of our users, we’re hoping to make the 3 most recent archived conversations visible in your inbox in a collapsed state. That way you can easily jump back into a conversation that might’ve been archived on accident, or one you might want to pop back into to follow-up on.

And that just about covers it!

Have an idea, question, or just want to say hi? We’d love to hear from you @getrespond on Twitter — we’ll be replying from Buffer!

Have an incredible weekend, friends!

Your team,
Patrik, Boris, Ivana, Tyler and Daniel