Hi there,

Today I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

Over the last three months, our team has been hard at work on the next major release of our social customer service tool, purpose-built for customer support teams.

We’re calling it Buffer Reply and it will officially be launching in late October 🎉

Buffer Reply is more than a few incremental improvements or a visual redesign though. It’s a ground-up rebuild of our flagship product — one that helps you build lasting relationships with your customers in a faster, simpler, and more modern way.

We can’t wait to get it into your hands later next month! And if you’re interested in checking out Buffer Reply before it launches, you can request early access here!

Read on to learn why we decided to build Buffer Reply

I’d love to take a moment to share the thought process that led us to the rebuild.

Over the last 8 months we’ve spent a ton of time talking with teams that are delivering incredible support to their customers 💯 🙌 We got a chance to learn about what matters most. What’s working. And just as importantly, what’s not.

Throughout all the feedback and data we gathered, a few themes came up over and over again – themes that we’re tackling head-on in Buffer Reply:

  • Speed - Buffer Reply has been built from the ground up to be incredibly fast, so your team can deliver support at the speed of social. Lightning fast replies, snappy page loads, and a whole lot more.

  • Stability - Buffer Reply continues to put a heavy emphasis on stability and uptime. We know your team relies on our product to always be available and performant, especially when you experience high support volumes during outages or new releases.

  • Improved workflows - We’ve simplified workflows for the things you do most. Expanded keyboard shortcuts, rich tagging features, bulk editing, conversation permalinks, and native emojis are just some of the things we think you’ll love.

  • Facebook - Buffer Reply adds support for Facebook Messenger. With a single click you’ll be able to support customers across the two most popular social channels — all from a single, unified dashboard.

  • Faster product improvements - Behind the scenes, the newest version has been built to allow our team to deliver rapid improvements, new features, bug fixes and more. This means Buffer Reply will continue to get better for you over time — faster than ever before.

Upgrading to Buffer Reply

We want you to know that we understand how difficult change is — especially when it affects your team’s workflow and productivity 🙇

While we’re currently in the process of fine tuning the full details of the migration at the moment, I’m happy to say upgrading from our existing product to Buffer Reply will be a snap and completely automatic.

You’ll be able to login using your existing email and password. And all your settings, social accounts, conversations, tags, notes, and more will be instantly ready for you in Buffer Reply 👌

And you don’t have to switch right away! We’ll continue supporting our existing product alongside Buffer Reply for a short time to make sure the migration process is smooth for you and your team. And we’ll share more details around this in the next few weeks.

Final thoughts

We can’t wait to get Buffer Reply into your hands. We believe once you try it you’ll be so blown away you’ll never look back! 😄 And if you’re interested in trying it out before it’s publicly available, you can request early access here.

That being said, I’m sure you still have plenty more questions. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. I highly encourage you to read them!

Finally, if you made it this far - thank you for reading! And thank you for being open to taking this journey with us in the months and years to come. We’re excited to take the next steps toward building the best set of tools to help you deliver happiness to your customers on social! And we’re honored to have your support as we do.

Spencer & the Buffer team

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to upgrade to Buffer Reply? We’ll continue to offer our existing product alongside Buffer Reply for a short time to ensure the migration process is smooth for all customers. We’ll share more details around this in the coming weeks.

When I upgrade will all my data automatically show up? Yes, everything in your current account will automatically show up in Buffer Reply (e.g. users, conversations, searches, filters, reports, tags, etc). So you don’t have to worry about importing your data when you make the move. You’ll be ready to tackle your queue right away!

Are you going to raise prices? No, you’ll continue to pay the same price you pay today. Nothing will change price-wise. Over time, as we add additional features and capabilities, you may choose to pay a bit more to use and get value from them. We’re excited to continue building a great tool for you! But that will be your decision at that time.

When is this happening? Can I get early access? The official launch of Buffer Reply will happen in late October 2016. Between now and then, we’d love to invite a small group of folks to get early access! If you’re interested in trying out before the public launch, you can request early access here.

What’s new in Buffer Reply? What exactly has changed? We’re still putting the finishing touches onto the new version, so I’ll be sharing details about specific features in the coming weeks. At a high level it’s faster, has a simplified design, features new workflows, and will support additional channels starting with Facebook Messenger. Stay tuned for more details coming soon 😄

Will training be available? While we don’t think you’ll need any training to get up and running, we will have plenty of resources (including videos and help docs) so your team can get going right away. We’ll also be offering 1:1 training to help you level up your support team and implement industry best practices.