Buffer for your Website

Integrating a web app with the Buffer API is a great way to increase engagement with your users, and allows you to build on our platform to create powerful and interesting new services.

You can simply add the Buffer Button or do a full API integration.

Getting Started

The first thing to do when starting work on a web app with Buffer is to create an app. We'll provide you with a Client ID and Client Secret that you can generate an access token, by authenticating your users with Buffer, and make requests to our API.

Authenticating your users

If you're creating an app from scratch we recommend finding a good OAuth library to handle the authentication process for you.

Making API Requests

Once you've authenticated a user you can make requests to API for managing updates, profiles etc. For full documentation of our API, head to the API Getting Started guide.

After authenticating you'll get an access token that you use to make requests to our API. This token must be kept secret and transferred only over SSL, as it's effectively as good as a user's email and password.